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Sociol Pedagogy and the Public Intellectual - Essay Example

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As an idea social pedagogy, was first exploited around mid-nineteenth century in Germany as a means of describing substitutes to the dominant schooling models. However, late twentieth century it gradually began association with social work and concepts of social education in…
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Sociol Pedagogy and the Public Intellectual
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"Sociol Pedagogy and the Public Intellectual"

Download file to see previous pages This was an issue was brought up by the rapid rural urban migration in those years. The immigration led to increased population that put a lot of pressure on the existing resource such water and sanitation, housing, and office-space among others. Hence, Industrialism, urbanization, and the simple upsurge in the figures involved convoluted all human relationships. This further led to the breakdown of the inbred structures of social control. However, progressive reform measures were quickly put in place to solve some of these problems, but the equally created new ones. As such, social organizations such as, the family, church, and other community organizations had to adjust excruciatingly, and not always effectively, to the ever-changing needs of their constituents. One of the constituent that was greatly affected was in the education sector.
Some of its practitioners decipher social pedagogy as ‘community education’ and have constantly defined it around three key pillars/traditions. Accordingly, the first tradition is The Continental tradition; that reflects on the nature of man which acts on the notion that individuals can fully develop only if they are part of that society. This institution of social pedagogy emphasizes upon social integration and socialization. The second tradition is Social conditions and social problems ‘the American tradition’. Further, in this element of the tradition the focus is on working with individuals, casework in addition to providing care. Unlike in the others, this tradition has more interest in and minimizes the impact of social disparities. Lastly, the pedagogy tradition of social pedagogy has its origins in the work of educational thinkers and philosophers such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi and John Dewey. Moreover, Paulo Freire has in the recent past been outspoken and advancing theories aimed at helping people to structure their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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