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This paves way for carrying out tests that revolve around questions, scoring procedures as well as interpretations, which are laid out consistently. Further research on the issue,…
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Standardized tests
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Standardized Tests The practice of standardized testing refers to a test administered in a consistent manner. This paves way for carrying out tests that revolve around questions, scoring procedures as well as interpretations, which are laid out consistently. Further research on the issue, continues to prove, just how much the test results tend to show bias in favor of one party, as opposed to the other party.
It is important to note that there exists a flaw. This comes about whereby, there standardized tests show some truth, or rather, give results that are relevant to the situation on the ground. Though this could in some separate cases show the existence of prior plans to submit considerably similar results with the situation in place. This is mostly the case in schools whereby it is expected that the results have to be impressive (Mehrens 74).
It is however important that, both sides of the subject matter are put to consideration. This are, the advantages, and the disadvantages as well. Starting with the advantages, standardized tests, as well as the practice of standardized testing, gives teachers, a comprehensive guide, helping them pre-determine what to teach or not teach their students. It further helps them plan on when, in terms of the time and period, they should teach, while ensuring maximum result. Standardized test also prove useful in providing accurate comparison across groups of people, as this tests are sat by relatively all schools, especially in Texas. These, just to mention a few, are some of the benefits that come out of the use standardized tests (Mehrens 104).
On the other hand, standardized tests bear cons, with an example being the case mentioned above; whereby the teachers are accused of teaching, to the test. This removes the essential role of teaching, as they only teach to achieve a score, not to pass knowledge. These tests also exert pressure on students, even resulting to the school offering little or no time for recess. Consequently, the pressure places a lot of stress on the student, and teachers too.

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