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EC430 Curriculum Development 7 - Assignment Example

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This paper will serve to answer questions in regards to similarities between Black English, non-English or bilingual speakers in the classroom, the attitudes and techniques that can be used to encourage these children to learn, what teachers can do to encourage the involvement…
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EC430 Curriculum Development Assignment 7
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"EC430 Curriculum Development 7"

Download file to see previous pages from confusion in the best way to join in classroom participation, or confidence issues stemming from their inability to communicate, or communicate fluently in English.
Studies have been done that show that literature may be used to beneficial effect in an ESL classroom in order to encourage the children to learn, to use Standard English, and to actively participate in the classroom activities. While “literature was initially the main source of input for teaching in language classes in the era of Grammar Translation Method…(it) has been dropped down the pedestal” (Khatib & Derakhshan, 2011). In recent years, literature as a teaching tool has started to make a comeback and it could be said that this is the best tool for the job, as it offers “authenticity, motivation, cultural/intercultural awareness and globalization, intensive and extensive reading practice sociolinguistic/pragmatic knowledge, grammar and vocabulary, language skills, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking” (Khatib & Derakhshan, 2011).
Teachers can start working to implement the use of literature as a teaching tool once more, especially in ESL classrooms, in order to encourage students to learn and use Standard English. To encourage involvement of the child’s family with the child’s development in using Standard English, homework assignments, tailored around having the child read out loud to a family member, for example, may be designed to incorporate other members of the family.
The teacher’s role with the parents of a child who is not fluent in any language is to work with the student themselves, and to speak with the parents of the child to see what strategies are working and what common ground is present in order to best advance the child’s learning and retention.
Through the use of literature as a teaching tool, and with assignments designed to pique the student’s interest while they learn, in conjunction with the integration of the family in the learning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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EC430 Curriculum Development Assignment 7 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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