EC400 Math & Science #2 - Assignment Example

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This question centers on the children explaining that molecules are in everything living or nonliving (Balestrino, 1971).
Select concept application, and hands-on activities, which will enhance…
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EC400 Math & Science #2
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EC400 Math & Science Topic: Molecules and Temperature Motivating question: Look at yourself and everything around you, what do you think are they made up of? This question centers on the children explaining that molecules are in everything living or nonliving (Balestrino, 1971).
Put in plain words that molecules are in both living and nonliving objects.
Understand that even though molecules are too small to observe, their movements can still be watched.
Two lucid cups or bowls
Food coloring and water
Salt crystals
Micro scale kits and conservative macro apparatus
Observation page containing space to fill name, material, and things noticed, course of action and a picture section (Balestrino, 1971).
Advanced Preparation
Select concept application, and hands-on activities, which will enhance skill development appropriate for the students. Secondly, put in place appropriate materials, equipment, as well as space for the extension activity inside the classroom environment. Thirdly, prepare character pictures for all students and then attempt to answer possible questions and proposing likely explanation.
Are the students able to explain how the molecule movements are affected by temperature, given that the results varied? The students need to explain why is it that food coloring moved faster in hot water than cold water.
Are the students able to elaborate why temperature of the solution affected how quickly the food coloring diffused?
Are the learners able to apply both oral plus written expression, in demonstrating their understanding of temperature, molecule, movement, molecular movement, and particle ascend and fall (Balestrino, 1971).
Ask the kids that the sun can be very strong that it dries the school sidewalks, and then what really takes place to the water molecules. What particles do they become?
What happens when different molecules react with each other?
Balestrino, P. (1971). Hot as an ice cube. Crowell. Read More
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EC400 Math & Science #2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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