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Nuclear Medicine - Essay Example

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It involves the use of sophisticated technology and techniques to treat or try to suppress diseases in humans. This branch of medicine involves the use of trace radioactive…
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Nuclear Medicine
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"Nuclear Medicine"

Download file to see previous pages The patients to undergo nuclear medicine procedures do not require undergoing any special programs before the procedure, except, in cases involving gastro-intestinal system. In this situation, the patient is subjected to fasting four hours prior to the procedures (Murray, 2009).
Positron Emission Tomography (PET) can examine body chemistry and is applied in medical tests as CT and MR scans. The test shows more information on the body organs like their current state of functioning and their structure.
Hybrid scanning techniques employ X-ray computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This technique sees the structure of an organ with 0.5 mm resolution but nuclear medicine uses 5.0 mm resolution to observe metabolism(Ramer, 2008)
Indium white blood cell scans by the nuclear medicine helps determine the structure of the blood cells and how they are functioning.This scan aids in detection of cancer and any malfunction in the cells.
Scientifically, nuclear fusion produces power as an energy resource. This occurs in a nuclear reactor where fusion in the nucleolus of radioactive material helps produce a lot of power transmitted and distributed for different uses. Energy produced from these materials is obtained by an action of splitting uranium into two by action of a neutron. This leads to radiations and heat evolved from atom and the reaction is fission(Murray, 2009).
The process of nuclear fission involves the conversion of uranium into pellets and into rods. Lots of water is required to cool the uranium rods. When the rods emerge from the water, they produce lots of heat controlled by raising or lowering them from the water surface. To obtain more heat we raise them further way from the water. The heat produces steam that runs power-generating turbines(Morris, 2006)
III. The method of power production is environmental friendly and does not contribute to global warming. The Nuclear fission ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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