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Create Writing Assignment and Grading Rubric for it - Coursework Example

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Analyze the short story and create a strong thesis statement around the contents of the short story. According to Charlotte Perkins Gilman, what…
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Create Writing Assignment and Grading Rubric for it
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Extract of sample "Create Writing Assignment and Grading Rubric for it"

Writing Assignment Writing Assignment Instructions The short story Yellow Wallpaper was written targeting a certain group, in a certain setting and aiming to attract a certain audience. Analyze the short story and create a strong thesis statement around the contents of the short story. According to Charlotte Perkins Gilman, what themes are evident in the story? How would you classify the short story and its contents? Gilman has extensively tried to portray a certain attitude towards women in the 19th century. What attitude is this portrayed by the short story? Does the author dissection actively engage the audiences mindset when describing and portraying this attitude? The main character was hugely affected by the process of confinement and torture. What role does psychology play in the analysis, understanding and relationship of the main character? During this era of feminism, John, the character’s husband contributed towards the attitude of men towards women. How does this attitude of machismo affect the character? How does it define the role of the character after the tumultuous relationship is observed?
Paper Contents
The paper should be 3 pages maximum. All the queries should be answered in precise and concise judgments that draw clear examples from the short story. American Psychological Association (APA) format, 6th edition should be effectively utilized in this written assignment. A succinct thesis statement will form the backdrop of the assignment. It is crucial to ensure that the thesis statement adequately maps out the direction of the written responses at each and every step. The essay should be as descriptive as possible, analyzing all written facts and presented evidences in line with the paper instructions. The main short story to be used in this analysis is Yellow Wallpaper. No other text other than the one mentioned should be used. Ensure accurate use of APA (6th edition), and in-text citations that include page numbers.
Paper Requirements
The paper should contain:
Student’s name
Course title
Assignment name
Current date
Standard Times New Roman, Font size 12, Double spaced, 1’ margins on both sides
Gilman, C. P. (1892). The yellow wallpaper. New York: The New England Magazine. Read More
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