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Photo Assignment - Essay Example

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Here, it shows how it is just innate among parents, whatever race or culture they have, to care and nurture their kids not only physically feeding them with nutritious food that will allow them to grow up to be…
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Photo Assignment
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Extract of sample "Photo Assignment"

Photo Assignment The theme of the cluster of photos above would be love and family. Here, it shows how it is just innate among parents, whatever race or culture they have, to care and nurture their kids not only physically feeding them with nutritious food that will allow them to grow up to be healthy kids but at the same time filling in other aspects of need that their children have such as support, discipline, education, and a spiritual relationship and understanding of God’s love.
Indeed, parenthood is a responsibility that has a start but has no end. A parent would have to feed and teach a baby how to walk and talk, encourage a child to love school on their first day of being away from home, to develop manners and know that not all misunderstandings could be settled through a fight, support their chosen careers even when it is not really a status quo job, and learn to accept mistakes and learn from their own children as well (Theisen, C., n.d.).
The perfect visualization of the love and responsibility that is brought about by parenthood is summed up into these photos above. Parents all have this innate sacrificial love for their kids no matter who they are or how they were brought up by their own parents. For sure, there are differences in parenting styles or approach that different parents take but what is for sure is that they all do it out of love for their kids and the desire to make them a better person in the future and fully equipped to face the real world and what is out there.
Theisen, C. (n.d.). 8 Essential Parental Responsibilities - Parent Education - Parenting - Family Resource. Family Resource. Retrieved December 11, 2012, from Read More
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Photo Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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