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,The purpose of the study - Personal Statement Example

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I am highly interested in doing PhD on Educational Technology from the university which is renowned for its excellent academic program with huge scope for personal growth. My commitment towards technology based education and educational programs have been the major motivating…
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Personal Statement,The purpose of the study
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Extract of sample ",The purpose of the study"

I am highly interested in doing PhD on Educational Technology from the which is renowned for its excellent academic program with huge scope for personal growth. My commitment towards technology based education and educational programs have been the major motivating factors to excel in all areas of academia. In the contemporary times, application of technology in academia has greatly facilitated access to education by people to improve their learning and professional skills for higher achievement. Indeed, technology has brought plethora of new ideas and creative input that has helped improve learning methodology and standard of education. My doctoral degree in educational technology would equip with huge knowledge and skills and help me contribute to expanding educational programs through new medium of digital technology.
Communication technology promotes highly innovative approach to education and my interest in online educational programs would get a great boost through my doctoral program. In recent times, online education has increasingly become popular across the globe. It offers new hope to people who were hitherto not able to pursue education or higher education due to personal constraints. Online education or distance education provides people with vast options to acquire new skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of time and compete successfully. I would like to contribute to the online education through highly creative methodology of web design and introduce design educational animations. I strongly believe that multimedia in education hugely facilitates learning abilities of students and helps meet their individual needs for optimal achievement. My PhD would help gain expertise in the chosen field so that it could be used to achieve my long term and short term goals in life.
I am also highly driven individual with ambitious goals in the area of online educational programs. I would like to attain the highest level of professional excellence, in terms of gaining knowledge and experience so as to reach the position of Professor in a renowned university. The evolving instructional technology is hugely challenging and offers huge scope for personal and professional development. Most importantly, in the area of distance education, online courses utilize technology judiciously to deliver the wider goals of education and make it accessible to people from different demographic segment across the globe. Moreover, the online courses also help evolve new curricula and approach that not only encourages easy learning but also facilitates development of scientific temperament and critical thinking amongst the learners. My doctoral program would go a long way in achieving my goals in life.
The revolution in digital technology has greatly widened the opportunities for people to acquire special skills and professional knowledge so as to cope with changes with more confidence. It has especially been of huge help for people and students with learning challenges. My strong interest in web design and animation in the area of education would help me to contribute significantly in meeting the needs and requirements of students with learning problems. I would be able to create facilitating educational animation programs that would be non-threatening and promote interest in the students with low attention span. Indeed, my PhD from the university would not only help me realize my dreams and goals but it would also help me to expand education programs through online classes over wider geographical and help make it accessible to students from all walks of life.
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