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The present essay "West Virginia University" concerns the author's wish to apply for Higher Education Curriculum and Teaching Masters degree at the West Virginia University. Reportedly, the University's Masters Program offers prospects for research and graduate study…
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West Virginia University
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Goal Statement Admission Essay
I hereby wish to apply for Higher Education Curriculum and Teaching Masters degree at the West Virginia University. I choose the University's Masters Program because it offers prospects for research and graduate study which will lead to the Doctor of Education and this is my long term goal.
My pressing goal is to get an admission to a Masters in Higher Education Curriculum and Teaching Program that will prepare me for a career in Higher education and teaching curriculum thus, I have chosen the University’s Higher Education Curriculum and Teaching Masters program because of its emphasis on both educational and content knowledge and provision of electives which will give a concrete foundation for the subject area wherein the teacher is specialized or needs certification. This curriculum will allow me advance my education. My other goal is to practice teaching first hand by traveling and being operational out of the country particularly to where my Spanish language skills would be an advantage. After obtaining my Higher Education Curriculum and Teaching Masters degree, my first ambition is to pursue a career in Doctors of Education from this university and because of this, I am looking out for a program that will further my professional goals and complete my educational requirements and this university will assist me greatly in achieving this. After completing my Higher Education Curriculum and Teaching Masters Program in this University I suppose this will enable me find employment at an incredible academic institution.
I choose the University’s Masters Program because it is premeditated to prepare students to meet up whatever challenges they face in initiating into a career in Higher education and teaching curriculum .The ordered educational experience of the program will expand my knowledge and skills and competence in working with children in the basic school setting. Admission to this program will allow me pursue and achieve all of my goals with confidence. I sincerely believe that, my qualifications together with my strong aspiration for professional growth in my interested area will allow me successfully complete the Curriculum and Instruction Masters Program and this University will be the best in preparing me for a profession in Higher Education Curriculum and Teaching.
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