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Education for Everyone - Essay Example

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The following essay entitled "Education for Everyone" dwells on the idea that education must be available to all without any discrimination of class, race, color, or the like. Reportedly, education is the basic necessity of a person, and it must be provided to every person…
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Extract of sample "Education for Everyone"

Education Reflection Essay
Education must be available to all without any discrimination of class, race, color, or the like. It is the basic necessity of a person, and it must be provided to every person without keeping in view even the immigration status of a human being. It is more than necessary, and must reach every human being.
USA is the country of opportunities and one of the world’s richest countries of the world. Many people come here to refine their future prospects in financial terms. Some people succeed, and many of them are caught in various discriminatory issues. The only way to deal with the problems of these people is to give them justice as this is the only thing that can bring all humans on equal terms with one another. Let Us Now Praise Famous Men (by James Agee and Walker Evans) provides information into the insight of human psyche, and how a common man becomes a victim of racial and discriminatory acts. Although the book is concerned with Alabama tenant families of 1930s during the Roosevelt era, yet the similarities of the issue are visible even now when we see recent discriminatory laws of 2012 in some of the US states (against other races) in the guise of stopping fake voters to manipulate the presidential elections. This, in actual practice, is the disenfranchising of the distressed people.
James Agee still seems to be relevant when we see a large number of students of the other races finding it difficult to meet resources to get education. This is against the achievements of the colored people which they got during 1960s.
Both Walker Evans and James Agee have stressed on changes in fundamental attitudes of people. They deal with the subject with an unusual approach, and depict the very ‘soul’ of the suffering humanity. They reject the status quo values of the society, and want a new way of addressing the social issues of life. This amalgamation of a photographer and an author, literally as well as symbolically, depicted the precarious and agonizing situation recurring in the society, and wanted people to get their rights in society.
The work led President Roosevelt to formulate a new Law in favor of tenants after the President’s re-election for the second term. The work, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, impressed people as well as the President and the distressed people of the society got their rights.
Same kind of innovative literary and artistic works are required to bring even more reforms in the society so as to make education of all kinds accessible to all in equal terms. Agee’s delineation of the tenant depression and Walker’s photographs of the families made it clear before the public that everything was not right in the country, and America needed reformation process. Agee wrote carefully at different social issues; for example, he did not criticize the laws and schools which children attended sporadically. He would not criticize the Alabama schools, he would rather feel regret for the situation where “tenants are subjected only to a few years of education.”
Agee’s writings and Walker’s photos are again needed to bring new reforms in the society. People with immigration problems, poor US citizens, and the like, must be provided with the just rights. This is the only way to provide education to all sections of society including the disenfranchised and down-trodden ones.

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Education for Everyone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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