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The brain continues to develop and grow during puberty. Although they have a lot of tendency to be impulsive, yet the teenagers in the stage of puberty develop a sophisticated reasoning ability and…
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Psychological Development during Puberty Puberty has a lot of influence on the psychological development of an individual. The brain continues to develop and grow during puberty. Although they have a lot of tendency to be impulsive, yet the teenagers in the stage of puberty develop a sophisticated reasoning ability and they can develop opinions more maturely than children in the stage before puberty. At the time of commencement of puberty, reproductive hormones start being produced inside the body (Baker, 2012). As they develop, the individual experiences frequent changes in the mood. Mood swings happen with variation in the hormonal concentration. As the reproductive organs grow, the individuals begin to explore their sexuality. A very common result of this is heightened self-awareness. Some adolescents tend to compare their pattern of development with that of others that leads them to self-consciousness whereas others who exhibit perfect growing signs like height develop self-confidence. Adolescents become aware that the changes in their physique that they are noticing are also witnessed by people around them. Such changes include increase of height, and change of voice etc. In their attempt to grow ideally during the puberty, many adolescents experiment with their looks by changing their hairstyles. Since the adolescents are looks-conscious during this stage, such physical changes as acne and increased body odor can cause embarrassment in the adolescents. Gynecomastia is another commonly occurring condition in boys during puberty which is very embarrassing for them. They might not want to socialize with their friends in such condition and some even become isolated. Such boys avoid swimming and are shy of taking their shirts off in public places. The depression experienced during puberty can form mental scars for a lifetime.
Baker, H. (2012). Psychological Effects of Puberty. Retrieved from Read More
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