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There in a study is a problem of family relations and how it was reflected throughout the literature using different methods of statistical calculating. Supposedly, this is a main object, but we can even specify the unusual goal of this peculiar research, cause it appears as…
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Learning the Research Process
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Module 3: Learning the Research Process: King and Kitchener There in a study is a problem of family relations and how it was reflected throughout the literature using different methods of statistical calculating. Supposedly, this is a main object, but we can even specify the unusual goal of this peculiar research, cause it appears as related to a concern of reducing of birth rate in rich families and increasing of birth rate in developing countries, like Indonesia, for example.
Also, in the litarature review section of the paper too many problems are analyzed, also some issues, arguments, and concerns are raised, such as: methodological concerns of the birth rate calculating; ethical concerns; pholosophical matters on choices variability, and so on. These citations appeared in academic journals, for example: American Sociological Society Journal (for statistical modelling), then, Psychological Society Papers, and in Family Concerns and Related Calculations chapter of San-Francisco Academic Review named Family Problems: Ways of "Nuclear" Improvement.
In the article named King and Kitchener paper they used so much variables that it is only possible for me to articulate/find out very few of them. For instance, there were presented variables of children reducing for the rich families across the world, especially post-informational one, and variables dealing with constantly increasing birth rate in developing countries.
I think an author drawn an axample from Indonesia reality to find out that it is quite evident that in this country rich families began to have less children than families with unconvenient rate of incomes. There were raised data from family sphere: 70 percents of Indonesian low-rate income families have approximately 120 percents of all children that were born in 2012. So there were collected data from low- and high-rate of incomes middle class families in Indonesia: with an assistance of statistical models, statistical procedures, and hypotheses that were tested.
Accordingly, there were used such procedures: direct and indirectcalculating, numerical encoding, variables separation, and also statistical quantification and qualification. Of course they were specified primarily as null and alternate, but this was authors hypothesis that low-rate Indonesian families will obviously will be increased concerning their chilrden unproportional quantity.
I have just stated that he revealed some intercorrelations exists, based on direct statistical considerations, between rate of income and children quantity in the local community, and also there could be found out some inter-dependencies between low-rate and high-rates income families inside the middle class in developing countries.
Some sociological and geopolitical conclusions were drawn from the statistical modelling, i mean this notion of reducing birth rate in Indonesian high-income middle class families shows us that in the immediate future the overall population quantity will be raised extremely. Also, some limitations certainly exist: for example, if with developing countries it quite evident, how to be with developed and over-developed countries, because it seems like in European zone too much children could be produced from the families with stabile and rather big rates of average income per year, and we have the reversed situation: the more money, the more childred are produced. Read More
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