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Challenges for Distance Learning - Research Paper Example

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Topic Subject Name University Background Distance education has experienced a remarkable growth in the past decades (Eastman & Swift, 2001, pp.25). Consequently, distance learning is fast permeating globally. Education delivered with the use of the Internet is going to be a primary delivery vehicle particularly for MBA programs in future (Phillips, 1998)…
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Challenges for Distance Learning
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Download file to see previous pages And, at the same time, geographic constraints and limited economic resources and increasing demand from students to get education at times that are accessible and convenient taking into account their personal commitments and busy schedules have further necessitated to avail this method of education(Roberts, 1998). The geographic constraints are mostly faced by those who live in developing countries and where the educational graph is below the standard under the international education ranking system; in which teaching and learning systems are ill-equipped and insufficient to deliver their expected educational objectives. Aggregately, both sides of education- teaching and learning- are not updated as they should be. As a result, they become inadequate to meet the educational objectives. Besides, the cost of obtaining education does not remain the same; it is constantly increasing with the passage of time. The issue of bearing educational expenses is also being faced by students both in the developed and developing countries as well. ...
Distance learning Moore and Kearsley (1996, p 2) defines distance education as planned learning normally occurring in a different place from teaching and consequently requires special techniques of course design, special methods of communication via electronic and other type of technology, particular instructional techniques, as well as special administrative and organizational arrangements. Godschalk & Lacey (2001, pp, 476) further clearly defines distance education as a process of teaching and learning that considerably depends on (1) a mode of delivery that can be availed anytime and anywhere facilitating the needs of individual students; (2) selective use of communication tools helping self-learning as well as group learning experiences and (3) collaborative learning approaches that provide assistance to student-to-faculty and student-to-student interaction. This entire process of learning requires efforts and commitment from both sides-teaching and learning. The teaching side is required to deliver its part of commitment by providing the required type of teaching approaches that could be easily understood and at the same be retained by the leaning side. The learning side must ensure that it properly understands the entire mechanism of learning. if the learning does not understand the entire process, it would be very difficult for both sides to ensure achieving the required educational objectives and as a result many compromises would start appearing from the learning side. Additionally, in order to ensure the attainment of educational objectives, the learning side, which is represented by students, must ensure that it is fully conversant with the use of technology and its related applications facilitating the entire learning process. And at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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