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School Finance Lawsuit on Track to Trial Date - Essay Example

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This essay discusses what the state demands more service delivery from school districts while it does not offer the adequate resources for the school districts to meet the expected standards. Therefore, the state should allocate enough money to the most priority of needs…
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School Finance Lawsuit on Track to Trial Date
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"School Finance Lawsuit on Track to Trial Date"

Download file to see previous pages This publication is about the Fort Bend ISD representing 84 school districts that are suing the state and also seeking massive education reforms.From the publication, we learn that fort bend ISD is representing a group of 84 other schools in suing the state and seeking massive education reforms.They argue that the state is not giving the schools adequate resources to meet the rising standards of education. Fort Bend ISD attorney describes the situation as being given a mission and not being given the tools to accomplish this mission.This publication points out that the mission set by the state for schools to meet cannot be accomplished if adequate tools to accomplish this mission are not provided by the state. It is, therefore, suggested that for 70 percent of pupils to meet the standards substantial additional funding per kid should be implemented. School superintendents suggest at least a couple of thousands of bucks per kid. This is according to fort bend ISD attorney David Thompson.Thompson is taking four depositions a day from superintendents and experts for a week before the trial date. His firm is coordinating with lawyers representing the other petitioners to resolve who will take the lead on professionals, who will bear witness to the crisis they see with school financing. This means that the state should put more resources at the disposal of schools for them to meet the objectives and missions that they demand from schools.The reader should implement this experience in real life situations. Once the reader sets a mission there should be adequate resources to enable the achievement of this mission. For better education to be achieved in public schools, additional funding is essential to achieve this. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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