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Laptops in Lectures - Essay Example

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As much as laptops are considered to be ineffective, appropriate use of these machines during lectures can be more productive. In this paper, the writer will invalidate the notion put forward by Cole and Fields on prohibiting the use of laptops in lectures…
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Laptops in Lectures
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Extract of sample "Laptops in Lectures"

Download file to see previous pages According to Fields, laptops use during lectures is the biggest distraction to listening of a student during lectures. This is because, when using the machine, so many catchy items may come along as in the internet, there is usually breaking news on celebrities which is an area of interest to most of the students in class. Fields further believes most of the addictives come with the use of internet which causes very big distractions like playing new games (Fields 1). I would like to disagree with this idea, as the use of computers in lectures can be used to establish the rate and level of attentiveness of a student while in class. Most of the students that are allowed to use these machines at lectures have the highest rate of concentration level. This is attributed to the fact that most of these students have to pay attention to any idea that a lecturer puts across and record it as well. This means that laptops increase the level of concentration and also allows the students to multitask.  According to Fields, there is heavy reliance on the internet for any source of information currently. Most of the students allowed to use laptops during lectures tend to rely on the internet for any new information which does not allow the students to use their brains to think even the most basics ideas. Most students have become so reliant on this technological gadget and even the most reliable sources of information that is found in books are currently not being paid attention to.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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