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Metal Detectors Create a Hostile Learning Environment - Research Paper Example

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This report talks that the issue of metal detectors and their place in the school environment has been a subject of intense debate for a number of years especially in a background of increased violent crime within school grounds. Some consider metal detectors an inconvenience…
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Metal Detectors Create a Hostile Learning Environment
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Extract of sample "Metal Detectors Create a Hostile Learning Environment"

Download file to see previous pages This report declares that the writer of “Metal Detectors Create a Hostile Learning Environment” begins by painting a vivid picture of a school security check conducted by police officers in Wadleigh high school and which is archetypical of what has become common practice in New York schools. They come in the morning and install metal detectors through which all students must pass before entering the school and cause about 3 hours of class time to be lost. This way he builds up argument that the security precautions are disruptive and hostile to learners. He is able to defend this through the description of the rough treatment the students receive at the hands of the police. Ideally, a school is supposed to have a culture of its own known and understood by the teachers and students.
This paper makes a conclusion that the writer describes how the police totally disrupt the school program and cause nearly a third of the learners to miss at least a class. They carried out this swoop without prior notice yet according to a press release by New York City mayor Michael R. Bloomberg; Posters should be prominently displayed to notify students and the school community of any searches scheduled in their school well in advance. The writer argues that these searches expose the learners to unnecessary invasion when he states, “Officers selected some students for additional scanning with handheld metal detectors, requiring them to lean against a table or wall, spread their legs, hold their arms out, and lift each foot to be wanded”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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