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Kristofs Article: China's winning schools - Essay Example

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The study “Kristof’s Article: China's winning schools?”  focused on math, science, and reading and showed that countries where the society followed Confucianism performed better in the three categories. The Confucian countries with outstanding performance were Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea…
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Kristofs Article: Chinas winning schools
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Extract of sample "Kristofs Article: China's winning schools"

Download file to see previous pages He attributes the thriving education in Asia to Confucianism and suggests that the West should learn from Asia (Kristof Web). Nevertheless, Kristof claims that the thriving academic performance in China has not always been there but has become rampant in the last two decades. He argues that frequent training of less competent teachers make them more effective hence the good performance. Additionally, the article argues that Confucian based education encourages students to be passionate about education. Kristof states that United States ought to borrow some ideas from Confucian based education systems (Kristof Web).
How Confucianism Affects Education
Confucian is a traditional outlook and practices followed in East Asian countries, which are based on teachings of Confucius, a Chinese philosopher who lived between 551 and 479 BCE. Confucianism emphasizes on ethics as well as statecraft. Confucius believed that education was the only way that one could earn appropriate social status in addition to material success. Additionally, he claimed that education helped foster harmony and morality in the society. Due to this believe, Confucian countries lay a lot of emphasis on education in terms of the fund set aside to facilitate education. Additionally, the parents tend to pressure their children to work hard and prosper academically. This has led to higher performance in Confucian countries (Gove and Huang 10-13; Phuong-Mai, Cee).
Learning is a process influenced by interaction of many factors many factors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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