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The paper 'Improving Reading Speed' focuses on free speed reading tests online. It was revealed that the author had an average speed of 200 (words per minute) and a comprehension rate of 73%. At the end of the test, he/she was posed with 11 questions out of which he/she answered 8 correct…
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Improving Reading Speed
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During the various speed reading tasks assigned, I learnt few facts:
Speed reading gets difficult when the text is written in a clustered format and there are no breaks among sentences. Like in the case of Richard Taylors article.
If you skip a lot during speed reading, your comprehension rate automatically goes down.
Speed reading is not possible in texts having a lot of factual data.
t can help students like me to have better comprehension in lesser time and shorter readings, saving their energy and optimizing their performance during daily reading assignments, research or during exams, etc. Read More
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Improving Reading Speed Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 327 Words.
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