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for many years human development has been evolving making it difficult for many psychologists to come up with specific theories to explain or predict the phenomena. However, human…
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Article Review
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Theories of development affiliation Theories of development Human development is a natural feature from which many psychologists take much interest in. for many years human development has been evolving making it difficult for many psychologists to come up with specific theories to explain or predict the phenomena. However, human development has been linked with the psychological development human undergo. Many researchers base their on the fact that human psychology is the cause of any developments humans go through. According to Slater (2003) studying and analyzing human psychology provides the required information on how to explain growth of humans. This paper will analyze the works of Piaget, Vygotsky and Erikson and what their theories which were aimed at explaining the growth of the human psychology.
Piaget’s theory
This theory was developed commencing from 1920 by Jean Piaget. The research was aimed at analyzing the behavior of children at different ages. Piaget realized that children acquired different traits and behavior when they are at new stages of developments. The theory was also aimed at understanding the psychological changes and developments through each stage of growth. The theory covered the life of a child from birth till adolescent. In the article by Crain (2011) the theory also determined the influence made on language, memory, moral development and scientific reasoning.
Vygotsky’s theory
The article by Van der Veer (2007) refers to the theory as the most conclusive article ever written on human psychology. The theory is by Lev Vygotsky and was aimed at explaining the psychological changes and development in children. The article explains the theories explanation on the psychology behavior in children. The theory relates the change in psychological behavior to the behavioral change children show as they grow. From the theory we are informed as the reason why maturity precedes learning. The theory by Vygotsky provides information to relate maturity to learning and understanding the concepts of life. The relation of language to maturity and psychological development is also analyzed (Van der Veer, 2007).
Erikson’s stages of social development
The theory is an articulation by Erik Erikson. From the article by Slater (2003) the article is an explanation of the stages which humans go through from infancy to late adulthood. The article explains the growth sates in eight steps. From the eight stages humans go through constraints and master new challenges that present themselves throughout the stages. In these stages of development Erikson claims that the development of humans depends on their ability to pass through the forces in their social lives and relate to their biological forces (Slater, 2003).
From the three authors it has been made easier to understand the relationship between the different stages of growth. Apart from the development stages the psychological changes are well explained in the three articles. The development in humans and the human psychology can be well connected to maturity and other psychological abilities. In words by Slater, 2003) the development and advancement experienced by humans can only be explained through the analysis of their psychological ability.
Crain, W. (2011). Theories of Development: Concepts and Applications. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.
Van der Veer, R. (2007). Lev Vygotsky: Continuum Library of Educational Thought. New York: Continuum
Slater, L. (2003), "Generativity versus stagnation: An elaboration of Erikson’s adult stage of human development", Journal of Adult Development 10. Read More
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