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Common core standards for literacy - Essay Example

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The scope of education system is designed to primarily help students to learn how to read and write and to eventually develop specialized knowledge in different fields in the society. This objective of academically empowering students is achieved through promoting…
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Common core standards for literacy
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"Common core standards for literacy"

Download file to see previous pages ards includes developing students’ ability to read texts and draw meaning from contexts, ability to “support arguments with evidence,” ability to “resolve conflicting views” in literature and the ability to “solve complex problems with no obvious solutions” (Wahlstrom, p. 4).
I address the standards by providing avenues towards realization of the standards’ goals. One of the ways in which I address the common core standards is by promoting readership among students, as well as identifying, and monitoring the developed reading potentials. This motivates reading interest and identifies special cases for personalized assistance. I however rely on offering directions to develop writing skills that includes review of literature to comprehend its contents before writing. Instructing the students on selection of resources, exposing them to a wide range of literature and tailoring writing to achieve a communication role achieves this. I also address the standards by promoting teamwork, developing a “multiple perspectives” (Bunch, Kibler and Pimentel, p. 6) approach to encountered literature and instilling confidence in ‘self-expression’ within classrooms (p. 1- 8).
Bunch, George, Kibler, Amanda, and Pimentel, Susan. “Realizing opportunities for English learners in the common core English language arts and disciplinary literacy standards.” Stamford University. N.d. Web. 29 July 2012.
Wahlstrom, Deborah. “Common core standards.” Wordpress. September 2011. Web. 29 July 2012. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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