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The paper "Responses to Thomas Darryls, Streeter Karens and Butler Mirlandes Posts" highlights that Streeter Karen wrote the post for review that lacks a title. Streeter is comprehensive in comparing surveys by exploring both similarities and differences such as variations in intentions of the methods…
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Responses to Thomas Darryls, Streeter Karens and Butler Mirlandes Posts
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Extract of sample "Responses to Thomas Darryls, Streeter Karen's and Butler Mirlandes Posts"

Response to Thomas Darryl’s post
Thomas Darryl’s post, ‘comparing quantitative methods,’ presents an overview of the methods. Thomas discusses survey, and experiments methods and elaborates on the scopes of the two methods in terms of their procedures. Even though I agree with the presented ideas, I hold the opinion that the post contravenes codes of professional writing because most of it is copied from the source without application of quotation marks and is not explorative according to existing literature (Creswell, 2003; Gropper, Smith and Groff, 2008; Vaus, 2002).
Response to Butler Mirlande’s post
Another post, written by Butler Mirlande, is titled ‘A comparison between survey and experimental strategies of inquiry.’ Butler succeeds in organizing the post that systematically reviews scopes and similarities of the two methods. The author, for example, identifies the need to collect reliable and valid data as a common objective of both methods even though their approaches vary as Gropper, Smith, and Groff (2007) and McConville and Chui (2007) explain. I strongly agree with Butler’s post because it is deeply explorative and its reliability is supported by triangulation of sources. Read More
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