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A Survey of Language and Literacy (L&L) Programs - Research Paper Example

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This paper "A Survey of Language and Literacy (L&L) Programs" displays a matrix of the L & L (language and literacy)program and explores a description of each of the L&L programs. The paper elaborates on the enumerated features and other relevant information of the programs…
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A Survey of Language and Literacy (L&L) Programs
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Extract of sample "A Survey of Language and Literacy (L&L) Programs"

Download file to see previous pages This is a program whose main intent is to focus indirectly or directly on economic, social, or inequalities that are political between two parties by literacy. Literacy, in this respect, is referred as a type of knowledge. It allows one to access extensive reservoirs of knowledge thus the saying that knowledge is power (Whitehead 12). In many situations, if one compares the illiterate and literate groups, those individuals who are literate always have an advantage over those individuals who are not. When illiteracy is institutionalized, literacy would be extremely powerful and a liberator who is remarkably effective thus a form of empowerment. In reality, all programs of literacy have a component of empowerment. In this program, empowerment is distinguished since it is a central program’s feature.
Empowerment literacy program has some conditions that are normally used in determining its choice. These conditions include An elite that is educated or rather a class considered as a middle class takes advantage of a group that is seen to be disadvantaged preliterate or semiliterate group. A community sector like certain groups clan has opportunities that are limited due to a limited access to literacy that could be intentional. A given community may be politically or socially dominated on the language basis and on education access. In this regard, illiteracy may block efforts of improving welfare and health of the masses thus limiting the meaning of any efforts towards a change that is political. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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