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Competency based education in terms of its suitability to Respriatory care education - Essay Example

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Competency based education can be understood as a systematic but flexible learning process that focuses on the level of proficiency needed in a given occupation…
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Competency based education in terms of its suitability to Respriatory care education
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"Competency based education in terms of its suitability to Respriatory care education"

Download file to see previous pages Respiratory care education requires systematic approach due to the complex level of knowledge and skills that the students are required to have them become competent practitioners. Respiratory care practice is also a regulated profession that has guideline and standards which the practitioners should meet (Wyka, Mathew and Clark 5). These make the respiratory care education to require a systematic but flexible approach. The competency-based education is well known to provide this kind of characteristics to a learning process and thus it can play a fundamental role in the sustainability of this kind of education.
Competency based education can play various roles in the sustainability of respiratory care education. One of the major roles it can play is assisting in the selection and design of the module or course content. Another role it can play is assisting in the identification of individual course or module performance objectives. It can also assist in defining the ways in which respiratory care education can use to administer the course content. Competency based education can also assist in the selection of the kind of assessment that is suitable for the kind of competency that the learners are required to attain in respiratory care education. Another way that this kind of education can assist is through providing an evaluation method that can relate individual’s performance to the specified criteria or standards. This can assist in informing the trainers whether the students have developed the level of competency that is sufficient for effective practicing as respiratory care professions.
Competency based education program involves a selection of the knowledge and skills which should be taught in a course as well as determination of how these knowledge and skills should be taught. It also involves the selection of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Competency Based Education in Terms of Its Suitability to Respriatory Essay.
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