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Language and Literacy Development and Exploring Games - Assignment Example

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The paper "Language and Literacy Development and Exploring Games" states that Pipe Marble Game comprises of medium five cut pipes approximately having a diameter of 15 cm while the marbles are smaller probably of 8 cm in diameter. Mainly, this is an outdoor game…
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Language and Literacy Development and Exploring Games
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The setting comprises of numerous pictures and Bulletin boards of diverse colors mainly posted on the wall. The excessive application of visual aids is the most striking feature, which is also evident in their books despite their varying ages. The pictures comprise of items, which the children can comprehend and normally interacts with especially at home or while playing. For illustration, cars, houses, cups, kids playing images, pets’ pictures and even diverse colors cards strategically embedded in the wall to enable the children to learn and have the capacity to differentiate them especially new kindergarteners. Additionally, the children’s sitting is at the center of the room besides having ample space where some kids out of their preference can sit on the ground and work or play with their prints. Primarily, the setting concentrates on having diverse harmonious bright colors that will liven up children’s moods. The books include
Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann
It is a picture book about Pinkalicious girl, who really loves pink color where regardless of numerous warnings by her parents not to eat too many pink cakes declines and eventually turns pink. The book mainly authored for new kindergarteners who have joined preschool.
1. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff
It is a humorous story regarding a demanding stranger (mouse) who after the host offers him cookie asks for milk, even a mirror, and a pair of scissors to make his mustache neat
2. The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister Herbert
This is a moral storybook concerning a fish, which learns the essence and value of being generous.
3. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
The tree assumes the position of a provider to the young boy since his tender age until when the boy came of age with numerous increasing demands, but the tree does not give up on the boy.
4. Five Little Kittens by Nancy Jewell 
This comprises a cat’s family story life coupled with the duties they normally undertake every day prior to the family concludes their day.
5. Hens Say Cluck  by Hannah Gifford 
It is about sounds made by hens, pig, and other farm animals, which enables the children to master them.
1. Floating Fish Toy (Commercial game)
This is a battery-operated board having slots that contain fish in them and normally opening their mouths at the interval but not at the same time. The board spins in a moderate speed to allow the kid(s) to fish and remove them once they have bit one’s plastic bate, mainly hooked on the fishing line. The entire board’s body may be circular or made in the shape of a fish and produces water sounds similar to that of a running river.
2. Circular Board having diverse colored sectors (Homemade game)
This is a circular, moderate revolving board comprising of diverse colored sectors (probably 8) where at their edges it has slots. The player normally has a small hand cue, where one tries to pin the sector having the color of choice.
The game normally aids in enabling the preschool child’s mental capacity to master and increase their concentration while trying to keep up with the moderate revolving speed. Supplementary activities meant for a classroom to enhance their concentration and mental include matching games (letter, pictures or color matching).
1. Shoot-out game (Commercial game)
Primarily, this game entails using a propelling pipe like gadget to through small plastic balls into the three plates, probably placed about 1 to 2 meters away. The child normally erects the propelling pipe like a canon and then tries to throw the balls into the plates, which are 3 to 4 in number and act as a target.
Figure 2: Shoot-out game
1. Connect 4 games (Commercial game)
Primarily, this is a competitive game involving two players each having the same number of tops but diverse colors. Each player tries to connect a line of four tops mainly; diagonal, vertical or horizontal as depicted in Fig. 2, coupled with disrupting the opponent’s intended moves to win the game.
Figure 3: Connect 4 game, Retrieved from
2. Homemade connect 4
This involves three players where instead of a standalone grid similar to that in Fig 2, the players draw the grid mainly on the ground or on cardboard beside each having distinct colored tops.
The game increases a child’s creativity besides brain development, where an individual tries to find any possible way of winning the opponent(s) besides disrupting any move that will eliminate one from the game. Supplementary activities in school that will enhance this creativity entail involving the child in mental tasks like simple house block constructions. Here, the child tries to utilize diverse provided blocks to produce new model house outlooks each time, which through encouragement it develops even in upper grades. Read More
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