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In the paper “Improvement of My Language and Grammar Skills,” the author describes how he has written several essays, which has helped him improve his writing. He wrote three essays that were very challenging but helped him improve his language and grammar skills…
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Improvement of My Language and Grammar Skills
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Improvement of My Language and Grammar Skills
This semester I have written several essays, which has helped me improve my writing. These essays involved a wide of topics that require different writing skills. I wrote three essays that were very challenging but helped me improve my language and grammar skills. My main problem was punctuation. In some of the essays, punctuation within a sentence was a huge problem. In most cases, I either forgot punctuation marks or inserted them in the wrong places. This would distort the flow of most sentences, making it hard to comprehend them. This cause has helped me improve my punctuation skills. This involves learning how to insert commas and quotation marks in the right places. Use of sentence conjunctions was also another problem. I could either omit the conjunctions or use wrong ones in my sentences. Tenses were also part of the problem. Differentiating between past, present, and future tenses was hard, and in most cases I substituted present tense for past tense. Most of my sentences would lack meaning due to wrong tenses.
There was a huge confusion when inserting phrases and vocabulary in sentences. I could use wrong vocabularies, wrong phrases, and wrong prepositions in most sentences. This gave the reader a vague meaning of my essays. Most of my first essays were used simple sentences, which were wrongly constructed. I lacked a variety of words that I could use in the essays and had to repeat most of the words. However, this has changed since I joined this course. Through interaction with other students and the English lessons in this course I have expanded my knowledge of English language. I have learnt different vocabularies and various sentence constructions that have improved my writing. The essay structure has also improved. This involves analyzing events sequentially to give the reader more understanding of the essay.
In the essay ‘I Want to Make a Difference,’ word choice was a big problem (McGeehan, 2012). This involves words such as bad vices yet there are no good vices. In this case, using the word vices only would give the reader the intended meaning. Some of the sentences were poorly done. I used unnecessary words, which made the sentences long and diluted their meaning. Some of the words reduce the captivity of the reader by the essay. By stating that I failed to give a bribe for a job contradicts the essay title since I wanted to participate in corruption instead of being different. This makes the reader lose the need for looking for more details. Some of the phrases in the essay were too complicated and unnecessary. I could have used simpler words to give the same meaning as the phrases. The essay however is a bit unrealistic. The reader gets the meaning of an impromptu cleanup. In the real sense, it would require several years and the effort of different people to end corruption. Rewriting the essay would require outlining personal and realistic contributions in the court system. This would include stating my plans for executing justice.
McGeehan, G. (2012). I Want to Make a Difference. Read More
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