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Week 2 discussion replies Set number 2 - Essay Example

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Ancient Egyptians traded with their neighbours, to obtain foreign goods not found in Egypt. This included gold, incense, timber, aromatic resins, ivory, and…
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Week 2 discussion replies Set number 2
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Extract of sample "Week 2 discussion replies Set number 2"

Egyptians Optimistic View of Life Response to Maggie, Other features of Egyptian culture revealed in their art are the Egyptians outgoing personalitythat kept them optimistic. Ancient Egyptians traded with their neighbours, to obtain foreign goods not found in Egypt. This included gold, incense, timber, aromatic resins, ivory, and animals such as baboons and monkeys, which added to their wealth. Some of these would be used in construction statues, which acted as Egyptians gods. For instance, some of Egyptians gods were made of gold imported from the neighbouring countries. This depicts a family who loved their gods as the most expensive assets they had on earth. This would make them earn a decent penalty after they died.
Response to Kimberly,
Indeed the belief in immortality caused most of the Egyptians artefacts. After death, bodies of the dead had to be preserved properly to prepare them for the next life. For instance, canopic jars would protect the head parts of the dead. Other internal parts of the body would be removes and be preserved, as well. The rest of the body would be wrapped with reed coffins, to dry quickly and then buried in wooden tombs. Additionally, belief in life after death made Egyptians make a book of death with a series of songs, pictures, texts made in papyrus, to accompany the dead. This book represents some of the Egyptians artefacts that made the trip to the other world easier.
Response to Dawna,
Besides Egyptians optimism because of civilisation they acquired through the work of their creative hands, they domesticated some animals as early as 8000 BC. This happened in the practice of religious activities as animals were used to characterize certain events. For instance, presence of a specific animal or lack of it would have specific interpretations. The different interpretations would cover the difference between life and death, wealth or poverty, and peace or war to the entire nation. This symbolism of animals caused the ancient Egyptians to include them to maintain various religious themes. This is how some animals like cows started living in the same compound with men adding to their produce. Some artefacts like stone roofed subterranean chambers housed domesticated animals like cows slaughtered to appease Egyptian gods.
Response to Melisa,
Egyptians had many reasons to smile about, which made them hopeful. The history of Egypt occurred in a series of stable kingdoms. After the Roman Empire, Egyptians adopted the Nile River valley project that hastened their civilisation. Farming produce from the fertile lands gave them money to spend in the country, and some to provide for other projects. With this money, they engaged in mining, quarrying, and construction of all kinds of artefacts to represent Egyptian power. This development created a peaceful environment where everyone received similar treatment except the slaves. Egyptian men and women had the right to marry and divorce, make contracts, own and sell property, and pay taxes to their authorities. This made them immensely hopeful, that the future is bright and that life after death will provide better deals. One of the artefacts shows some slaves ploughing lands under the direction of an overseer. Read More
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Week 2 Discussion Replies Set Number 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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