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In the setting of childcare, it is my obligation to create a conducive learning environment for positive interactions among the children under my care. I will instill a team work spirit among the learners to enhance cooperation in class. This motivation is crucial in order to…
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Childcare Level 3- The questions are listed in the instructions box
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Childcare Level 3 Question In the setting of childcare, it is my obligation to create a conducive learning environment for positive interactions among the children under my care. I will instill a team work spirit among the learners to enhance cooperation in class. This motivation is crucial in order to make them realize that am merely a facilitator and their success hugely depends on their effective communication, which will enable them to exchange ideas. I will focus on emphasizing the need to value each other’s input and to learn from it as well. This strategy will also instill a profound cooperation, and encourage them to seek the teacher’s intervention after they have attempted to solve the problem as a group. I will also assist them to acquire language skills in the course (Kate, 2008).
Question 2.
In the event of handling learners in childcare, the challenge of local accents prevails since it affects their fluency in grammar. For instance, when a learner with a heavy accent raises a question, there might be grammar errors. In this case, fellow students might make fun of him or her, but it is my duty to shun that behavior and assist the learner to correct the mistake to the expected standard. This will steer more class participation and contribution during discussion hence learners will practice proper grammar and eventually emerge fluent. I would also employ illustrations by choosing one student to read from the blackboard and have the rest of the class repeat after him or her until they achieve a perfect pronunciation of the words and phrases assigned. This will no doubt put into effect positive self images (The Cleveland Clinic Foundation et al, 2009).
Question 3.
In the learning environment, learners are usually affected by different misconceptions and errors in understanding concepts and principles of a particular field of study. The learner’s common misconceptions about capitalization features much where the sentence begins on the same line as the previous sentence. Most students are confused since the first example in capitalization the sentence started in the beginning of the line in their single ruled exercise books. The misconception is that capitalization should only be done in the beginning of a line. The solution to this misconception is to emphasize the concept of capitalization in the beginning of every new sentence (Nancy, 2011).
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Childcare Level 3- The Questions Are Listed in the Instructions Box Coursework - 1.
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