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The case also looks at his ability in mathematics and science meaning that he is a logical thinker focusing on facts. His inability to work in groups with students from his class is due to his…
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Teaching, Learning and Behavior Management Institute Charles: addresses Charles’ exceptional good behavior both at home and at school. The case also looks at his ability in mathematics and science meaning that he is a logical thinker focusing on facts. His inability to work in groups with students from his class is due to his introvert personality as he has mid-grade autism making interaction with others hard. The teacher should incorporate outdoor learning activities and assignments provided as seatwork or homework can be completed with a high degree of success. This will reduce his frustration and anger outbursts (Rosenberg, Westling & Mcleaskey, 2007). John smith: exceptionalities addressed include john’s outstanding intelligence, his ability to learn things fast with little help from instructors especially if they are hands on. in addition, John thrives on organization, structure and procedures as they provide him with balance. This is revealed by the fact that any change in school program leaves him confused and emotional. The teacher should incorporate instructive technology to keep John’s attention considering he enjoys working with electronics. Few, short and doable assignments should be given enabling him to complete tasks. Organization and structure should also be emphasized in the classroom environment and dealing with behavior (Rosenberg, Westling & Mcleaskey, 2007). Ethan Andrew: exceptionalities addressed include his academic excellence especially in mathematics and reading. He is also good at sports including basketball and swimming. His lack of attention is caused by lack of proper rest, as he is not sleeping well. This could be because of watching TV after bed as he does after eating. The classroom environment should be organized with everything placed in its designated location to ease finding things. At home, the mother should provide procedures of things to do while getting ready for school. The teacher should also eliminate distractions in class (Rosenberg, Westling & Mcleaskey, 2007). Sumer smith: exceptionalities addressed involve her capability to work one-on-one with the teacher and other students. Additional information is that she is a below average student hence will need attention and adaptation from the teacher to ensure she catches up with the other students. This is indicated by her inability to process information, as she should at her age and grade. The teacher should make use of instructional technology that converts texts to sound, has images and colorful illustrations. One-on-one and peer tutoring will help her catch up with the other students (Rosenberg, Westling & Mcleaskey, 2007). Victor: he is smart, well organized, and punctual, excels in sports and possesses great leadership qualities. It should also be noted that he is well behaved both at school and at home but is poor in English. This is indicated by his poor performance with verbs, sentence construction and grammar. Victor should receive tutoring after school in English to elevate his performance to the level of other subjects (Rosenberg, Westling & Mcleaskey, 2007).
Rosenberg, M, Westling, D.L & Mcleaskey, J.(2007). Special education for today’s teachers: An introduction. New York: Prentice Hall. Read More
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