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Memorandum for Motor Driving Schools - Assignment Example

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This paper 'Memorandum for Motor Driving Schools" focuses on the fact that the author would like to brief on the progress of the project on the use of mobile phones by driving instructors while conducting behind the wheel lessons. The group prepared a questionnaire that shall be filled by drivers. …
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Memorandum for Motor Driving Schools
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Extract of sample "Memorandum for Motor Driving Schools"

The group has visited major motor driving schools in the states to assess the quality of training they offer to citizens so as to give recommendations to COMAR which is a body responsible with road safety. At this level it has been discovered that distracted driving as a result of cell phone calls has been seen as unsafe both for the driver and passengers.
The group has also consulted the Motor Vehicle Administration, which has promised to cooperate with the group and give substantial information that shall be used in the project on the use of mobile phones on our roads.
Among our findings, it was suggested that those who undergo driving education programs tend to imitate their instructors on their behaviour of handling cell phone calls while driving. This is unsafe and against the laws on-road usage. According to COMAR, it is indicated that a certified instructor may not use a cell phone or allow the student to use a cell phone in a moving motor vehicle while conducting behind the wheel instruction except in the event of an emergency.  Read More
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(Memorandum for Motor Driving Schools Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 297 Words)
Memorandum for Motor Driving Schools Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 297 Words.
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