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State of Georgia State and National Teacher Standards : Student Acheivement Standards - Essay Example

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The English Language Arts; the common core state standards which include the reading standards and the writing skills. Retrieved April 11, 2012 from
Florida Department of Education (2009,…
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State of Georgia State and National Teacher Standards : Student Acheivement Standards
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"State of Georgia State and National Teacher Standards : Student Acheivement Standards"

Download file to see previous pages Florida Department of Education (2008). The Differentiated Accountability; the state is allowing for flexibility in giving the necessary help to schools. Retrieved on April 11, 2012 from
The documents which include the next generation sunshine state standards are documents that represent the standards that are set for students to be able to achieve. This document gives an outline of what the student will be able to accomplish by the end of a certain stage and level. They specify what the teachers are required to do in order to enable students to be able perform better in their studies. The document is composed on the standards on the students on how the language of English is required to be taught in the kindergarten class to the twelfth grade. These are the grades that require much attention since they form the base of the children in their mastery of English a language. The document contains the common core standards of the English language arts for the year 2010, the reading of the language arts next generation sunshine state standards for the year 2007. The mathematics common core state standards that were adopted in the year 2010 and the 2007 next generation sunshine state standards for mathematics. The physical education common core standards are also part of this document. These standards were adopted in the year 2008.
The Differentiated Accountability document contains the guidelines for the state. These are the laws of how the state helps the schools which are in need to be able to achieve their required goals and standards. The document is composed of several interventions for these kinds of schools and all that the schools require to enable them to achieve the standards. In this document, there is the regional support system for the years 2011 to 2012, which contains the school lists of all the schools in Florida, then there is the Differentiated Accountability documents for the rears 2011 and 2012, then the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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State of Georgia State and National Teacher Standards : Student Essay. Retrieved from
(State of Georgia State and National Teacher Standards : Student Essay)
State of Georgia State and National Teacher Standards : Student Essay.
“State of Georgia State and National Teacher Standards : Student Essay”, n.d.
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