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This is a persistent pattern that causes hyperactivity-impulsivity and/or inattention that is displayed more frequently and more severely than is observed in typical individuals at a comparable development level (Rosenberg et al, 2007).
Approximately, between 2-4.5 million…
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WK 3 Final Project Matrix
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ADHD and Emotional and Behavioural Disabilities Exceptionality Definition ification criteria and characteristics Prevalence Associated educational practices
Additional information
Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities
This is a persistent pattern that causes hyperactivity-impulsivity and/or inattention that is displayed more frequently and more severely than is observed in typical individuals at a comparable development level (Rosenberg et al, 2007).
Code 314.01: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity, combined type: if impulsivity, inattention, and hyperactivity are visible in the preceding six months.
Code 314.00 Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: this is an inattentive disorder. The child suffers from inattention, but not from impulsivity and hyperactivity in the preceding six months.
Code 314.02 ADHD of a hyperactive-impulsive type: The child suffers from impulsivity and hyperactivity, but not inattention in the preceding six months.
This is the most prevalent childhood disorder (Rosenberg et al, 2007).
Approximately, between 2-4.5 million children in US classrooms suffer from it. Girls are also less likely to be afflicted than boys are. It is also more common among kids that hail from backgrounds of low socioeconomic status. Most of the sufferers also suffer from other disabilities.
These include: Service delivery, which can be offered in classrooms by specialized teaches, early intervention specifically by parents via use of direct and brief commands and positive attention to the behavior of the child (Rosenberg et al, 2007).
Approximately 30% of them are unemployed 2-6 years after completing school, while at least another 30% get arrested while in school.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
This is a condition that exhibits an inability for learning unexplainable by sensory, intellectual, or health factors, inability to sustain, even build, relationships with teachers or peers, inappropriate feelings or behaviors in normal circumstances, and a tendency for the development of fears or physical symptoms associated with learning institutions (Rosenberg et al, 2007).
There are two types of classification systems: clinically and statistically derived. Statistical system uses the individual’s level of difference in frequency and rate as compared to their normative samples extracted from the same population as the subject, while clinical systems utilize diagnostic and descriptive criteria associated with communication and physical disorders (Rosenberg et al, 2007).
Behavioral characteristics include increased aggression such as abusive, violent, and destructive behavior, breaking of rules wt the belief that boundaries are not applicable to them, non-compliance with requests or instructions which disrupts social and academic development, social withdrawal including excessive solitary play, low verbalization rates and infrequent interaction with peers, anxiety of a severe kind and depression (Rosenberg et al, 2007).
The prevalence of this disorder in the US accounts for approximately 0.73%. African Americans are 1.7% more likely to suffer from it than Native Americans are. Sufferers are also more likely to come from poor, single parent households, more likely to be boys, and are more likely to change schools often (Rosenberg et al, 2007).
These include service delivery, for example, individualization, support, and monitoring, early intervention that includes developing programs with developmental timing, program intensity, direct instruction delivery, breadth of the program, and maintenance of outcomes (Rosenberg et al, 2007).
About 25% of the children have no ADHD symptoms as adults, with a further 25% developing depression in adult hood.
Rosenberg M. S, Westling D. L,McLeskey J. (2007). Attention Deficit HyperactivityDisorder. Special Education for Todays Teachers: An Introduction , 244-256.
Rosenberg M. S, Westling D. L,McLeskey J. (2007). Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities. Special Education for Todays Teachers: An Introduction , 171-198. Read More
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