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In the essay “Liberal Arts to Education,” the author describes the video, where Martha Nussbaum makes the intensely passionate debate on the importance of the inclusion of liberal arts to education on democracy. She acknowledges the use of humanities as a tool to create passionate democratic citizens…
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Liberal Arts to Education
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According to Martha Nussbaum, there is a distinct difference between the current and earlier education systems. Mainly development-oriented focus on technological business, and self-development through critical thinking respectively. Through this change, the nature of society has changed. It has become more engrossed on economics and greed arising the many challenges facing societies today such as crime. The world was a much safer place in the past educational system where society cared more for others than the current one. Hence her vie that liberal education is re-embraced through more focus on liberal arts and humanities such as philosophical studies.
Martha Nussbaum is of the view that the educational sector has changed into less involving and character-oriented syllabuses. This I agree to and follow in the fact that the education sector and curriculum needs to be reinvented to include liberal arts and real situations. This would generate a population of smart and critically thinking independent people able to exercise democracy.
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Martha, C. Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs Liberal Education, Tocqueville Lecture Series 2011. Web video. Read More
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Liberal Arts to Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 311 Words.
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