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I know that this has happened to me. I do not have a learning disability, as does Juan in the example in the book, but I have had the experience of needing…
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Wk 2 discussion questions
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Overcoming a difficult situation or learning something new that just will not stick is something most people experience. I know that this has happened to me. I do not have a learning disability, as does Juan in the example in the book, but I have had the experience of needing emotional support to learn something.
Juan is going to need emotional support that helps him realize he is not dumb. The teacher needs to keep a positive attitude about spending more time with Juan. The teacher also needs to recognize all of the progress Juan makes, even if it is small. This will help him feel successful.
I remember that in grade school I was a not a good math student. Everything was fine in math class until 4th grade. That is when multiplication and division was introduced. I understood addition and subtraction and working with decimals, but multiplication was very hard for me to grasp. I was weak in my math skills going into 5th grade. My teacher worked with me until Christmas break to help me learn my multiplication tables. She was emotionally supportive through this entire process by rewarding and recognizing all of my successes. She never made me feel as though I was wasting her time or that I was a burden. She made it clear that everyone learns how to do math in his or her own way and in his or her own time.
When I returned from Christmas break, I thought I was finished with my tutoring sessions with the teacher, but to my surprise they were just beginning. I was still having trouble memorizing the multiplication tables, so my teacher began to keep me inside from recess. I hated this, but I never remember feeling as though I was being punished. The kindness my teacher used, and her unwavering firmness in insisting I learn these math facts, was a great support to me as I progressed through the year. Her emotional support helped to make me a success. Read More
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