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Step by Step Procedure - Essay Example

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When a student is identified and classified as vulnerable to failing to meet academic standards of success in a specific or a number of areas, that student’s progress should be monitored at regular intervals. An intervention plan should be implemented at the onset and the…
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Step by Step Procedure
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"Step by Step Procedure"

Download file to see previous pages It identifies the individual student’s capabilities and skills. It also constructs an ambitious and hopeful future. Planning involves the student in the monitoring program and makes the student feel important and engenders concepts of “self-determination” (Individualized Service Plan, n.d., p. 11). Based on this conceptual framework, the following Step-by-Step Academic Plan is suggested for intervening in and monitoring an individual student’s academic instruction and progress.
Step 1: Once a student is identified and his or her specific needs are identified, conduct a survey calculated to gather information relative to the student’s identified area of risk in terms of learning and the student’s academic goals overall.
Step 3: Record the basic information in the Academic Plan. Basic information includes, Student name, identification number, date, high school, academic year and whether or not the student is one academic probation.
Step 4: Provide a summary of the student’s needs. For instance record the student’s year at school, where academic support is required and the student’s academic goals. State the student’s academic goals in his or her own words.
Step 5: Set out the steps to be taken and monitored relative to the Academic Plan. Identify the start date and record the need identified in a specific subject. Next establish the student’s academic goals with respect to the area in which the student is underachieving. List the student’s responsibilities with respect to meeting the desired goals. For instance the student may be required to attend tutoring or will study or do both for a specific period. List the advisor’s responsibilities as well. The advisor may be required to collaborate with the student’s tutor relative to progress in the area of assistance. The advisor may also be required to have on-going study conferences with the student. The advisor will also be required to monitor the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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