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Why i take international business strategy for my undergraduate course, any relevant experience, skills and attributes and my long term goal - Essay Example

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It is because of the importance of this subject in the present era of 21st century. In this period, globalisation and economic integration are taking place at a fast pace. Trade…
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Why i take international business strategy for my undergraduate course, any relevant experience, skills and attributes and my long term goal
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Extract of sample "Why i take international business strategy for my undergraduate course, any relevant experience, skills and attributes and my long term goal"

International Business Strategy Grade For my undergraduate study, I would like to take the of International Business Strategy. It is because of the importance of this subject in the present era of 21st century. In this period, globalisation and economic integration are taking place at a fast pace. Trade barriers are removed and concept of international market is flourishing. Many organisations are doing joint venture to emerge at regional and global level. These changes in the business industry call for the knowledge of international business so that the relevant strategies can be devised effectively (Dubrin, 2012).
The core purpose of taking this course is to equip myself with the required knowledge and skills of international business. The two important skills are management of diverse workforce (Barak, 2011) and adaptation of business with international laws and the regulations of respective country in which businesses are going to be operated. The knowledge about cross cultural issues is also important.
My long term goal is to attain a professionally sound career in an international organisation having prestige in its target market. In order to prove myself capable of such organisation, I need to groom myself accordingly. I should have information about the policies of international organisations and their working styles. I should have an updated knowledge bank about the international trade laws, labour laws and integration practices. I should also have strong communication and interpersonal skills to survive effectively in the diverse challenging environment (Schermerhorn, 2011).
The course of International Business Strategy will lay the foundation for my mentioned objectives.
Barak, M. E. M., 2011. Managing Diversity. Second Edition. London: SAGE Publication.
Dubrin, A. J., 2012. Essentials of Management. USA: Cengage Learning.
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Schermerhorn, J. R., 2011. Organisational Behaviour. 12th Edition. USA: John Wiley & Sons. Read More
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