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The Significance of Art Education to Stakeholders - Thesis Example

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This chapter processes, presents, and analyses the results of the research survey, while linking the results to the theoretical framework developed in the literature review. The goal of the survey was to evaluate the value of art education to today’s society, and the…
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The Significance of Art Education to Stakeholders
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"The Significance of Art Education to Stakeholders"

Download file to see previous pages The results indicate that most of the teachers, administrators, and members of the board of education valued art education. This is seen where 70% of the teachers felt that art education should not be eliminated during budget cuts, with 20% of them disagreeing with the idea that art education should not be eliminated during budget cuts. In addition, 80% of the administrators and all members of the board of education agreed that art education should not be eliminated during budget cuts. This response is an indication of the high value teachers, administrators, board of educators and the commuity at large, have to art education. This high regard for art education is seen where all teachers agree that art education increases the visual and spatial skills of the learner. This response was also seen with the administrators and board of educators. Where, 60% of the administrators strongly agreed and 40% agreed, while 40% of the members of the board of education strongly agreed with 60% agreeing, that art education increases the visual and spatial skills of the learner. These results are in agreement with literature, that indicated that the arts play an important role in enhacing the intrinsic value and general academic achievement of the student (Ashford, 2004, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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