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The book is a substantial contribution to studies of American Indian social organization, which tells about the four eastern Dakota bands that inhabited the woodlands and plains. One of the four eastern Dakota…
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Bibliography and Annotations
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"And Annotations"

Download file to see previous pages She studied the social organization of the Santee before 1892 and compared it to the community she came across in 1935. According to Landes, the Mdewakantonwan was grouped into seven to ten villages with about 50 to 400 people per village (220). They had strong corporate features economically and politically independent and owned plenty of land. This book helps people understand the socio-cultural organization of the Santee; thus giving a better understanding of their cultural perspective.
This book written by Charles Eastman and Ernest Blumenschein in 1971, traces the life of Eastman growing up as a native Santee Sioux. He mainly talks of his life in Canada, where he had gone to exile after separating with his father and siblings during the Dakota war, in 1862. Eastman claims that during his childhood in Santee, children were trained through several ways such as narration of stories and myths by adults, games and sports, and spiritual and moral training among others (54). The learning that Eastman expresses from his childhood is not much different from the learning that takes place in the society today.
This is a nonfictional book written by Roy Meyer in 1968. According to Meyer, the Santee is an American Indian group, which consists of four divisions of the eastern Dakota (199). They include the Sisseton, Mdewakanton, Wahpeton and Wahpekute. The Santee spoke the languages of the Siouan of eastern Dakota that is strongly related to the Lakota language spoken by the Teton, and Nakota, which is spoken by Yanktonai and Yankton. The Yanktonai, Yankton, and the Teton are the other three divisions of the Dakota.
Meyer argues that the traditions of the Santee shows that they originated from the northeast, probably near the “Lake of the Woods”, but the expanding Ojibwa community forced them out of their homeland to the South and West (200). They rose against the Whites in 1892 under the little cow, but lost the war, as well as their remaining Land in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bibliography and Annotations Annotated Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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