Uneasiness Due to Less Commanding Novice Physical education teacher - Thesis Example

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This essay analyzes the physical education teaching, that requires a degree in health and college education from any college or university but there are certain things that the educators learn only from their experiences and lack of experience often cause inconvenience in the class…
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Uneasiness Due to Less Commanding Novice Physical education teacher
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Uneasiness Due to Less Commanding Novice Physical education teacher Uneasiness Due to Less Commanding Novice Physical education teacher
The personal performance, experience and capabilities of the teacher highly matters almost in each and every field of education. With no exception, the physical education class also depends upon the expertise level of the physical educator and the students find it easy to get physical education from an experienced teacher as compared with a novice teacher. Usually, the physical education teaching requires degree in heath and college education from any college or university but there are certain things that the educators learn only from their experiences and lack of experience often cause inconvenience in the class due to their inability to perform certain actions perfectly (Lynn and Griffey, 1995).
The physical education class required lot of experience and knowledge about performing different physical activities so that the students could be taught about performing these activities in adequate manner (Patt, 1994). However, if the teacher is inexperienced and has limited knowledge of the physical activities due to lack of teaching experience then not only the teacher but the students also suffer in the class and the entire process of teacher-learning is highly affected from less proficiency and lack of expertise of the physical education teacher (Steven, 1996).
The experience of the teacher helps the teachers making plans for their lessons keeping in view the characteristics of the class and the attitude of the students. The experienced teacher is able to develop the task for classroom on the basis of their observation of the needs and behaviours of the children but the novice teacher has no or little idea about the attitude and behaviours of the students in the physical education class and their stud plans and lessons are mainly based upon the written sources rather than real time observations.
After implementing the lesson plans in the first class they have to monitor if there is need of modifying the plans according to the needs of the students. In this situation, the students are not getting refined educational instructions as the teacher has to spent more time on experimenting and testing his lesson plans rather immediately practicing them. The novice teacher often change their lesson plans and activities on the basis of the class response that cause uneasiness to the students and make it difficult for the students to easily adjust in the classroom with the teacher (Griffey and Housner 1991).
The decision making strategies of the novice teacher are also different from the experienced teacher. Unlike the experienced teachers, the novice teacher don’t have many strategies for managing the students in the class by facilitating their individual performances so the novice teacher mainly focus upon the interest level of the entire class and make decision on the basis of overall interest of the class. Hence, it becomes difficult for the novice teacher to make effective strategies for the class and the students also have to suffer due to lack of teachers ability to formulate and implement new strategies to facilitate their learning process. The level of knowledge acquisition and learning new skills also becomes very slow for the students and the physical education environment could turn an uneasy learning experience for them due to lack of command of the novice teacher (Graham et al, 1993)
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