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For this to be achieved successfully, the introduction of a parent or skilled teacher makes a difference in the learning world. Bearing in mind that many…
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LoveDescribe how to adjust interactive instruction based on analysis of student performance during the instruction
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Education   Describe how to adjust interactive instruction based on analysis performance during the instruction.
Teachers have a crucial responsibility and task of identifying and separating good and poor learners from each other. For this to be achieved successfully, the introduction of a parent or skilled teacher makes a difference in the learning world. Bearing in mind that many students struggle with various learning disabilities associated with developing learning strategies this gives them independence. Ample practice opportunities and guidance have given students the ability to integrate novel information combined with what they already know. This makes perfect sense and makes it easier for learners to recollect skill or data later on, even in settings that are different and unfamiliar. Instructional strategies have played a vital role in the efficacy of high-quality readers.
Five techniques common in monitoring performance of students include reviews (daily) and prerequisite checks, new concept presentation, guided practice, reviews (monthly and weekly) and independent practice. All of these techniques help in adjusting interactive instruction by basing the performance of students during instruction time. Daily reviews and checks (prerequisite) will enable students to gauge their understanding on a daily basis. This will enable them to monitor their reading habits and improve on them when need be. By presenting new concepts to students, this gives them a chance to widen their scope of investigation and engages them in further reading of literature. Teachers and parents also contribute immensely to this instructional strategy by guiding students when they are in a fix with their studies. Monthly and weekly reviews also come in handy and give students the ability to reflect on what they have read and conceptualize on taught areas.
Guided practice as a form of instruction strategy is helpful in reaching those students with difficulty as well as, those with faster rates of progression. Teachers and parents guide the students by use of examples they are familiar with and interact with on a daily basis. Daily reviews and prerequisite checks will give learners a chance to air their views and reflect on issues discussed during instruction time. Average students are advised to use cognitive approaches in meeting their needs. This can be achieved by students through take noting processes, chart filling and question asking. By Average students are task oriented, hence, are encouraged to be active during interactive instruction.
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