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English as a Second Language: Lesson Plans - Essay Example

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This essay considers 5 lesson plans of English as a second language such as “America and My Country”, “New to America”, “Yes, But Conversation”, “Sight Words: Vocabulary Enhancement”, “Life in America Essay”. The student will be able to distinguish the differences of a language, nationality…
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English as a Second Language: Lesson Plans
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Download file to see previous pages The instructor will begin by giving an example of a country, then how the name of a country is converted to a nationality or language.
Materials: Needed materials include a copy of the short story “New to America”, which should have been given to the student in the previous session. The instructor must also have a copy of the nouns used in the story.
Lesson Proper: After the silent reading, the instructor will present the concept of nouns. Then, Joshua will read the story aloud. The instructor will provide a basic correction of the student’s intonations and pronunciation, although such aspects of speech will be further focused on in another session, once the student is better able to understand English. The student’s interpretation and understanding of the study will then be drawn out for at least ten minutes.
Introduction and Review of the Previous Lesson: A greeting will ensue, and the instructor will provide a brief review of the previous lesson. Again, the student will be asked to read the story aloud, to check for any improvements in pronunciation. Afterward, the new lesson will be introduced.
Lesson Proper: Once Joshua has presented his assignment, the teacher will either agree with or correct the student’s concept of the phrase “yes, but”. Then, the dialogue will begin. The teacher will choose a random topic and the student will provide a sentence beginning with “yes, but”, that is related to the random topic. The instructor will provide a total of twenty topics.
Materials: Needed materials include the whiteboard, whiteboard markers, and a list of words to be discussed. The instructor must also prepare a set of picture cards containing different objects. Another 20 cards containing sight words will be needed for the lesson. All words must be carefully chosen so that they are related to those in the assignment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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