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The strategies have been ordered from the most effective to least effective method which teachers should apply in instructing these…
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Teaching Strategies
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Teaching Strategies Teaching Strategies Introduction This paper gives a brief of five teaching strategies that are most appropriate for teaching English learners in fifth grade. The strategies have been ordered from the most effective to least effective method which teachers should apply in instructing these learners.
Vocabulary and Language Development
This strategy is the most important in introducing the most essential English vocabulary. This strategy will aim at ensuring that students are able to differentiate the meanings of various words. The strategy will facilitate the development of essential academic language. At this point the teacher will distinguish between the primary usage of English and its use for academic communication (Tissington and LaCour, 2010).
Guided interaction
The content knowledge in this strategy is the encouragement of peer to peer communication and interaction. This strategy enables learners to interact with students who speak English as the primary language s that they are enabled to clarify the essential concepts. The instructor uses various activities which helps the learners to go through he guided interaction successfully by grasping key language skills and concepts.
Meta-cognition and Authentic Assessment
This strategy helps learners to practice their pre-reading and also pre-writing skills so that they could have a meta-cognition of English language. This strategy helps the learners to express their thinking processes in verbal and written language. The assessment activities that teachers use in this strategy include think aloud and guides for complete chapter readings (Tissington and LaCour, 2010).
Explicit instruction
Explicit instruction involves teaching the essential language concepts with an aim of building the background knowledge of the learners. At this stage, learners are given tasks which require cognitive skills of English reading. The teacher employs tools and activities which enable learners to classify, analyze, compare, interpret and synthesize the language concepts.
Meaning-Based Context and Universal Themes
This strategy aims at introducing learners to concepts which emanate from familiar themes, prompts and resources. The instructor aims at motivating the learners to link various ideas from their linguistic and social cultural backgrounds so that the interest of the student in learning English is determined. The motivation of the teacher will enable students to overcome the learning challenges (Tissington and LaCour, 2010).
The most appropriate strategies for teaching students English language at their fifth grade have been highlighted and explained above in their order of effectiveness.
Tissington, L., & LaCour, M. (2010). Strategies and Content Areas for Teaching English Language Learners. Reading Improvement, 47(3), 166-172. Read More
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