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Why are strong writing skills important to your success in education or a career - Essay Example

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People express themselves through their writing. This is more authenticated means of communication than verbal conversation because the paper stays there for future referral. Strong writing skills are very important for an individual’s…
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Why are strong writing skills important to your success in education or a career
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Extract of sample "Why are strong writing skills important to your success in education or a career"

The Importance of Writing Skills Writing is a way of communication. People express themselves through their writing. This is more authenticated meansof communication than verbal conversation because the paper stays there for future referral. Strong writing skills are very important for an individual’s success in education and/or career because they are the verifiable means of communication.
Writing skills are compulsory to demonstrate the talent everywhere in academia and research, and work. Writing is the fundamental means through which the student demonstrates his/her knowledge of a subject. Performance assessment systems are based on the writing abilities of a student. The better a student can write, the more his/her creativity becomes obvious to the teacher. A student who can write can write research papers. Research is one of the most important outcomes of education. Thus, writing skills are required not only to attain the degree but also to do research. Writing is a fundamental part of an employee’s duties in the workplace. Writing is so fundamental a business skill that employers take the employees’ writing skills for granted (McKay, 2011). Companies require employees with good writing skills to write memos, write letters to the customers and contractors, make advertisements and write research papers elaborating the usefulness of the company’s products and services. Convincing writing is one of the strongest ways of getting the competitive advantage.
Concluding, strong writing skills are imperative for the advancement of both the academic and the professional career of an individual. Writing makes a record unlike verbal communication. Thus it is considered a useful means of assessing a student’s performance. Employees’ writing skills are required for professional communication in the workplace.
McKay, D. R. (2011). Writing Skills: Why Writing Skills Are Important. Retrieved from Read More
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