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The Adversary School From US to Harvard - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the constituents of basic skills for educators and their peers mostly that comprise of 3 R’s strategy. Reading, writing and thematic. The strategy is regarded as the traditional approach for all levels of education. Various Ways can be assigned to the students for effective presentation and comprehension of writing a composition…
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The Adversary School From US to Harvard
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Download file to see previous pages The film can be utilized in class as an alternative source for delivering course material. Goldfarb (2002) notes that Since 1980’s films have been considered and favoured as teaching methods for Open universities and distant learning a. Also, the wealth of situations, voices, accents, themes and presentation techniques of a film cannot be portrayed by any teacher, as mentioned by Hill(1999, p2). More specifically with regard to perpetuating connection of films and academic writing, research carried by Kasper (2002) illustrates how screening can accentuate the writing skills. During her study she made students visualize the course material from 3 different courses- Linguistic, environmental science and anthropology. Students were subjected to Secret of the Wild Child (a documentary based on child deprived of linguistic exposure); Savage Earth: The Restless Planet (Documentary about Earthquakes) and inherit the wind (Film about the scopes of Monkey Trial). By watching films, students are facilitated in learning graphical illustration of relevant material (Kasper 2002, p52). The debate in the film “Inherit the wind” between science and religion provided an opportunity to examine the argumentative process and helped students in their essays effectively. Similarly, Maseillo (1985) promotes films as a platform for brainstorming of ideas among students around specific themes such as family relationships in films like “The God Father”. Students can relate to the film and adhere to it more for essay analysis. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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