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The most appropriate research design that may be used in acquiring the necessary information is a Non-Experimental (Descriptive) Quantitative Research Design employing a Survey Method Strategy. I believe this is the most appropriate approach to use because it will allow us to…
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Download file to see previous pages If a different research design is used, the required information may not be extracted or the information derived from a different research design may not be able to sufficiently answer the research questions posed.
As the name implies, a producer of research is one who is able to use past knowledge and available resources to produce a solution or new insight on a given problem. On the other hand, a consumer of research utilizes available information to satisfy one’s needs but does not produce new insight from the information derived. As such, a producer of research may be influenced by knowing what a consumer needs in such a way that the researches aimed at providing solutions and answers to what the consumer needs will be abundantly focused on and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discussion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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...MARKET SEGMENTATION Market segmentation Segmentation and segmenting characteristics are vital to help a company to satisfy the requirement of her clients as well as broaden her clients’ base. In today’s economy, the ability of a business to compete favorably depends on specifically targeting specific subgroup of people with similar characteristics. Market segmentation refers to classifying prospective consumers according to their characteristics to identify their needs for a particular product. Segmenting is crucial and is applied by many businesses not only to meet the needs of their consumers, but also to ensure continued provision of quality products and services to keep their customers (Cahill, 2006). Several advantages... SEGMENTATION...
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...and Medical Leave Act but create policies that should have practices such as flextime. Employers who embrace flextime do not commit their employees all the days of the week. The working schedule features a workforce that works for several days and go for a day leave. Additionally, subsidies, taxes, and flextime schedules are not adequate for the modern work settings. Employers should allow workers to work remotely if they met the work standards. The standards at work must be met with real-time discussions with colleagues. However, options such as telecommuting have become inevitable but supervisors ensure that employees set a few hours in a week to discuss work issues and any developments (
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...Discussion affiliation (L1) Quality assurance involves a range of activities that include review, evaluation, and monitoring. All these parameters lead to performance of things that are necessary to meet and exceed the organization needs at all times. In addition, quality management encompasses a holistic approach that targets improving quality output considering people, process involved and the product. The process of enhancing quality assurance involves customer participation, leadership that help in steering the quality, information based on the quality as well as feedback and recommendations. The organization management come up with guidelines that shall enhance quality, which are then followed by the employees. After...
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