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The author of this paper states that fairness should always be part of any school system. In this spirit, our school’s administration chose a few years ago to change the inter-period time between classes from four minutes to three, so that each academic period would be of equal length…
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The Dangerous Situation of Any School System
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The unfortunate situation can be exacerbated even more by the fact that some teachers feel they must punish students who arrive even a minute or two late with a detention, giving students a sense of stress, anxiety and urgency, and encouraging them to do whatever they can to make it to class on time, even if it means being rude or behaving dangerously towards fellow students or themselves, by, for instance, running in hallways or down staircases. Luckily, however, there are some solutions to this problem. By far the simplest is to simply change it back to the old system where students were allowed four minutes to get between classes. This represents an increase of thirty-three percent of the time between classes and would give students all the time they need.  The downside is that this would make some classes longer than others, but only by a minute, and most classes tend not to use exactly the amount of time allotted anyways.  Another solution is to allow students a grace period of one or two minutes after classes start where they will not be given detentions for lateness – this will mean students will still have to rush to classes but will be more judicious knowing that serious consequences will not result from minor tardiness.  The bottom line is the current system does not work and must be changed. Read More
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