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Metaphor - Essay Example

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I believe those words. It’s like in the movie The Matrix. In this world that we are living in, technology rules our lives. This technology can certainly alter our realities, as they can also affect how people perceive realities.
As a game, someone controls you…
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Extract of sample "Metaphor"

Your Metaphor for Life Life is a game. I believe those words. It’s like in the movie The Matrix. In this world that we are living in, technology rules our lives. This technology can certainly alter our realities, as they can also affect how people perceive realities.
As a game, someone controls you for the game-play to push through. Although in The Matrix, the ones who control the lives of the people there are robots (and it is quite pessimistic), I believe that it is us who control our life. We are the players of this game and life presents challenges to us players by giving us a more difficult problem to achieve every day. Your soul is what directs you to pursue this and that; your soul is the motivation for you to improve in life. If one is quite religious, then one can say that God is the one who plays life. He controls it according to his whim, or for your own good. God is intangible and mysterious, and if he does control us, we’d only be too happy to go with the flow, as we cannot possibly understand His major motivations.
The good thing about thinking that life is a game is that you do not really take it seriously. It is just a game after all; making life seem a bit less stressful. It is also more exciting since you care about winning, but then you remind yourself, that this is just a game. Like a game, you win, you lose; but then you learn how to find and do better on the next round.
Wachowski, Andy and Wachowski, Lana. The Matrix.Warner Bros. Pictures,1999. Film. Read More
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