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Past Experiences and Present Situation - Personal Statement Example

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The writer of the essay "Past Experiences and Present Situation" is trying to explain how his past life experiences will help him effectively collaborate with his group members in order to achieve success on the project in multi-racial and multi-cultural educational institution…
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Past Experiences and Present Situation
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Extract of sample "Past Experiences and Present Situation"

Download file to see previous pages In almost all the cases the rivals belong to one and the same group and community. Somehow, the individuals having experience of living and interacting with different people and cultural environment are in a position to adjust in every atmosphere; the same is applied to me.
Since the nature of my father’s job demanded to settle down at different places, I also had to move along with him in various cities of my country. Hence, I sought education from three different cities, during which I came across the people having divergent family and cultural backgrounds. Somehow, my active participation in the curricular activities and unflinching co-operation with the fellow-students during classroom discussions, library consulting, group-participation, giving vent to ideas during examination preparations and others made me a popular student of all the educational institutions I attended during the course of time. Additionally, my keen interest in extra-curricular activities including debates and speeches, sports and games and long-tours and trips also proved me as a flexible and amiable person in the eyes of others. I had been the football player for the last many years at school and college levels and played at different positions in the playground. The sports made me learn patience, endurance, tolerance and respect for others even after winning or losing the game. During the sports, I experienced fluctuation of moods and several other pleasant and unpleasant situations; however, my patience and efficiency always supported me. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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