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Observations - Essay Example

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The observation process is used as a method of assessment when reflections or interpretations are made out of the evidence that is gathered through the…
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Extract of sample "Observations"

Observations Observations According to Wortham (2008), adults usually observe to find out what a child can produce and not what they can reproduce. The observation process is used as a method of assessment when reflections or interpretations are made out of the evidence that is gathered through the observation process. In order to undertake the best assessments through observation, many pieces of evidence need to be gathered in different settings so as to make informed and accurate conclusions. The observation process would not make a good assessment if only a single piece of evidence is used. The child has to be observed severally at different settings and the pieces of evidences put together to form one informed conclusion (Wortham, 2008).
The different types of observation entail using different media to capture the actions of children for analysis. For example, the person conducting the assessment can use cameras to monitor and capture all the activities of children so that they can be analyzed later. The children can also be observed directly on different occasions and the evidence gathered can be used to assess them. Whichever method of observation used, the abilities, attitudes, interests, characteristics, personality, values and interest of the children can be known. The assessors can be able to know a child better and understand them as unique individuals and not merely as members of a group (Arnold & Doctoroff, 2003).
In conclusion, the process of observation does not only entail single sessions. The children have to be observed on many different occasions and in different setting so as to find out the true picture of their abilities, characteristics, personalities, interests, values or any other characteristic that may be under assessment. There are different types of observations that depend on the type of characteristic that is under assessment (Barratt-Pugh & Rohl, 2001).
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children. Annual Review of Psychology, 54, 517-545.
Wortham, S. C. (2008). Assessment in Early Childhood Education. 5th ed. New Jersey: Upper Saddle River. Read More
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