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This paper gives top 10 characteristics of a Multicultural School environment. As it declares students learn to recognize and confront inequities in school and society. Instructional materials are free of biases, omissions, and stereotypes. Students are able to use their own cultural resources.
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Top 10 Characteristics of a Multicultural School Environment
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"Top 10 Characteristics of a Multicultural School Environment"

Download file to see previous pages This essay approves that the first placed characteristic is really important because children need to learn the correct social skills in order to interact with all other races in society. Secondly, any instruction material needs to be free of any bias because children will learn from their school experiences and act it out as adults. Thirdly, the school needs to have an open and inclusive policy for those who are ethnic minorities because they would be feeling pressured about their position in school and society as a whole. Next, there should be no glass ceiling concerned the academic achievements of a child, no matter what ethnic background they are from.
This paper makes a conclusion that fifth, the students must be taught how interacting with different cultures can be beneficial because it allows teaching and character building. After this, teachers or administrators should feel empowered to alter their teaching strategies to suit the needs of their students. Seventh, teachers should not show any bias against any ethnic group and should treat all students equally. Next, the makeup of the faculty should be representative of society as a whole. Second to last, students should critically think about the strengths and weaknesses of their own culture by applying theoretical skills.Finally, the faculty needs to be open to learning off other cultures so that their own teaching skills may be enhanced. The faculty, administrators, and other staff see themselves as learners enhanced and changed by understanding, affirming, and reflecting cultural diversity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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