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Of learning disabled student - Case Study Example

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Case study of learning disabled student
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"Of learning disabled student"

Download file to see previous pages Albert has a learning disability which affects hearing processing. Like many students with invisible disabilities, such as learning and mental impairments, he is sensitive to the attitudes and thoughts of fellow classmates and teachers regarding his need for a note taker in class. He is hesitant to publicize this need among his class fellows, fearing perceptions of special treatment, illogical reasons, and negative stereotyping .Although the student disability source hub had provided paperwork and approval for financial compensation for a note taker, nearly two weeks had passed and still no classroom volunteers were known.
Involvement from the student disability source hub included contact with the teacher who then made a general declaration in class about the need for a note taker, noting that financial compensation would be provided; if there were no volunteers, the disability resources office staff would employ on campus for a paid note taker enrolled in the class. It was also suggested that the teacher provide teaching outlines and the alternative for the student to tape record the lectures. Additional support was provided to the student through disability management counseling, which reinforced self-advocacy and learning skills.As a result of this, three way coordination established among student, teaching staff and the officials Albert overcomes on the concerns about what others may think and help in attaining academic accommodations. The disability source hub helps him to develop self-advocacy and learning skills.
Flourishing reintegration into conventional secondary school required an adherence to the school carry out/behavioral policy rather than “accomplishment” in behavioral terms and academic accomplishment required to be in line with the range of students in the school. It was also important for there to be clear links between the school for pupils with emotional and behavioral ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Case Study of Learning Disabled Student Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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